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by Rick Bloom                                                                      

WITH THE BRUSH ARC MENS tennis team in “full swing” (yes…I wrote that !), Coach Melissa Canowitz and Assistant Julie Zamiska have had their hands full – not only in the coaching department – but in the inspiration area as well !  If sport was all about the numbers only (and in this era of over-the-top analytics / statistics, it seems so at times), then these would be tough times for the Arc netters. Their 1-10 record in the initial 11 matches would be nothing to pound one’s chest about, yet when you look BEHIND the numbers, you’ll realize that on FIVE occasions, Brush has dropped a match by a 3-2 score. So, to the eternal optimist, the Arcs could very well be 6-5 on the year.

But since it hasn’t turned out that way, perhaps Coaches Canowitz and Zamiska have truly earned their stripes in the areas of motivation and perseverance. It can certainly be challenging for a team to endure so many close matches without having much on the scoreboard to show for it. Yet this group of Arc tennis players does not give in, and with 7 matches remaining on the slate (including the upcoming May 5 WRC Tournament in the near future), plus the history that Coach Canowitz teams always come on strong as the season progresses – this squad has a real chance to do some damage in the latter part of the 2021 campaign !

Home matches reman on April 29 and 30, along with May 3 and 7 – so make sure to stop by the Brush Tennis Courts across from Welser Gym and see what the “racquet” is all about ! (OK…I’m done now !)





2021 Mens Tennis Team:         

Adrian Amer             SR

Briscoe Bland           JR

Mason Daniels         SO

Arthur Franklin       SR

Matt Kendig               SR

Seth Martin                SR                                                        

Ahbay Mitchell          FR

Sean Pierce                 SR

Greg Rhine                  FR

Gio Tripi                       SO


2021 Season Schedule / Results:

03/30  @ NDCL 3 Brush 2

04/05   @Howland 5 Brush 0

04/06   Normandy 4 @ Brush 1

04/07   @ Madison 3 Brush 2

04/08   @ Twinsburg 5 Brush 0

04/09    @ Chardon 3 Brush 0

04/12     Eastlake North 3 @ Brush 2

04/13      Nordonia 3 @ Brush 2

04/14     Brush 3 @ Parma 0

04/16     Howland 5 @ Brush 0

04/19     @ Willoughby South 4 Brush 1


THOUGHTS from Coach Canowitz on 2021 Season…..

~ Our record is 1-10.

~ Of our 10 losses, however, we have lost 5 of them by a score of 3-2.

~ Even though our record is not what we would like, we have gone out and showed great effort and sportsmanship in all of the matches.  Our skill level has improved.  We have tried different line ups to try and figure out ways to win a match.  We look forward to getting a 2nd chance to play Madison and Chardon (2 matches we have lost by a score of 3-2.).

~ This week, we have 2 matches against what I believe are the top 2 teams in the conference (Kenston and Mayfield).

~ We are also looking forward to the WRC Conference Tournament on May 5th, @ Kenston.  We hope to surprise the other teams and finish strong.  Play Spoilers !


A Bright Spot:

Senior Seth Martin has a combined record of 6-4 (He plays 2nd singles and 1st doubles)


A LOOK BACK IN TIME…… “ARC-HIVES”  (courtesy of  The News-Herald)

PHOTOS: Division I Brush District tennis, May 18, 2002